Li River Guilin China

Li River Guilin China. The Li River is the main river in Guilin. It rises in the Mao’er Mountains in the Xing’an region and flows south through Guilin, Yangshuo & Pingle. At Pingle, the Li River joins the Lipu River & Gongchang River and continues south as the Gui River.

The Li River Guilin is 437 km long, winding its way through every valley and green hillside, following every crevice of Guilin’s hills.

Li River Guilin China

Why Li River Guilin China is too important to Guilin people?

The Li River in Guilin is the lifeblood of the people there for their livelihood, fishing and as a source of water. Li river Guilin are famous reeds are planted on the riverbanks as the river becomes its source of water.

Don’t be surprised, there is a big elephant drinking in Li River, it’s called Trunk Hill, the hill seems to be the shape of an elephant’s trunk drinking in the river.

Li River Guilin China is one of main tourist attraction to visit beautiful nature

Guilin are famous as paradise of the world. This is because the landscape is beautiful, cool to the eye. You can imagine, clear rivers through every hillside, verdant trees. As if you are looking at a painting of the world. The main attraction for travelers to visit Guilin is enjoy the natural beauty of river, mountain and people. You will have the opportunity to see the cormorants (a species of bird) catching fish quickly.


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Li River Guilin China

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