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Eight Tips For Preparing To Visit Japan

Eight Tips for preparing to visit Japan

At times, the high cost of living in Japan may cause us to reconsider visiting. While it is true that goods in Japan can be quite expensive, it would be a shame to miss out on the experience of visiting the country. Here are a few practical preparations that can be made for your trip to Japan.

1) Plug 2 pin Flat vertical and Power Voltage 100v

The use of electrical plugs in Japan differs greatly from that in Malaysia and many other European countries (where a round 2-pin plug is typically used). In Japan, the 2-pin plug has a vertical flat shape. 

Before visiting Japan, do purchase a plug converter or a universal adapter from any hardware store or nearby supermarket.

Do not worry about using an iron in Japan if you bring one from Malaysia, as the average voltage used in Malaysia is 220-240v, while in Japan it is only 100v. If you wish to use an iron, ensure that it can adjust the voltage to 110v. 

Most phone chargers work without issues as they can handle an average voltage of 100v-240v. (refer to the picture)

Eight Tips for preparing to visit Japan

2) Rent a Wireless Router

In today’s technological age, the internet has become a necessity, especially for accessing Maps, finding information, or using public transportation. Ensure you have a wireless pocket device to use on the go. Modernity makes it easier to get your hands on a wireless pocket device before you depart. If departing from KLIA Airport, there is a kiosk where you can rent or buy one directly. This way, you can use it when you get there. 

3) Use Pasmo Card

The Pasmo Card is a popular payment card used for public transport in Japan, similar to the Touch ‘n Go Card in Malaysia. Japanese residents commonly use public transport over private vehicles. Using this card can save you time during your daily commute, allowing you to avoid long queues. It is particularly useful for short distances.

You can locate train stations, subway stations and bus stops with ease. To top up the Pasmo Card, you can add amounts ranging from 1000 to 10000 yen, with the starting price of the card at 500 yen.

4) Print Hotel, Restaurant and Sightseeing Address In Japanese.

The majority of Japanese nationals do not comprehend foreign languages besides their own. Hence, before departing, make sure to obtain the hotel details printed in Japanese. This way, in case of any emergencies, you can request public aid with ease. 

5) Activate Your Bank Card for International Use

Prior to departing, ensure that your international card is active. For instance, Maybank employs the ATM PLUS function; you may activate it through internet banking, ATM, or by contacting customer services. In case you intend to use a credit card while abroad, inform the provider to enable its use.

6) “Download” Learn Japanese Apps

To make things convenient, you can download ‘Learn Japanese’ and interact with the application for Japanese translations.


You could also use the ‘Google Translate’ application to directly type or speak your text, which will be automatically translated from English to Japanese and vice-versa.

7) Escalator: Standing on The Left Side for Tokyo, Standing on The Right Side for Osaka

It is important to remember that Japanese people place high importance on manners and ethics in daily life. If you are riding an escalator and standing, please stand to the side to allow room for those walking up or down.

If you are not sure, just watch how they go up the Escalator…and follow.

8) Water Is Safe to Drink

Don’t worry, you can continue to drink from the faucet with confidence. It is safe in Japan and an environmentally responsible choice.

Here are eight Tips For Preparing To Visit Japan. planning ahead, you’ll be better equipped to immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of Japan.

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